Bratislava Roll


Bratislava Roll

Bratislavské rožky | Pressburger kipferl | Pozsonyi kifli

We love stories and the one about Bratislava rolls is truly fantastic. It began in the late 16th century, when the first records of the sale of pastries filled with poppy or nuts appeared from the former Pressburg. The first reference to the Bratislava roll came in 1876, when the city newspaper published an article about excellent pastry rolls. However, according to the guild, the bakery U Scheuermanna located at the main square in Bratislava, had been selling them since 1785 and to this day, the recipe for their preparation which originates from this period is still preserved.

Thanks to the Bakers Guild of Western Slovakia, the European Union recently awarded the Bratislava roll with the Traditional specialties guaranteed trademark (TGS). The creation of the Bratislava roll dates back to the period of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, and since then, comments have been raised by Austria, Hungary and even Germany. The following characteristics of the Bratislava roll became protected entities, from end of August 2012.


  1. The recipe of the dough must contain at least 30% fat or butter to the amount of flour.
  2. The filling may be either poppy or nuts, and must be at least 40% of the weight of the product.
  3. The pastry roll with poppy filling should be in the shape of a horseshoe and the nut filled roll in the shape of the letter “C”.
  4. The surface of the rolls must be glossy and marbled.
  5. The Bratislava roll must by produced without any chemical substances and must be prepared by hand.

The poppy and nut rolls are a typical delicacy to Bratislava, such as the Sachertorte is to Vienna, or the Šomló dumplings to Budapest.
At FantastiCo we bake Bratislava rolls traditionally, with genuine ingredients, in an atmosphere filled with love and joy.
The story that started so long ago continues today with morning coffee, lunch and/or desert or an evening snack.
We are delighted that you can be with us on this journey.

Bratislava strudel

If you like Bratislava kifli, you’ll love Bratislava strudel. The combination of the same fantastic, delicate pastry and delicious walnut or poppy seed filling in the form of a strudel elevates your experience to a higher level. Yes, it’s the same aroma and flavour, and this time you’ll experience something truly grand, distinctive, and surprising, yet delicate, balanced, and subtle. Ingredients of the highest quality, honest work, and the pleasure of bringing joy – you’ll feel all this when you take a taste. FantastiCo also brings you fresh, good, and fair products.